Optimizing Transgender Health: A Core Course for Healthcare Providers


Optimizing Transgender Health: A Core Course for Healthcare Providerstransgender health training

TransTalks is an online training series on the health care needs of the transgender community for medical professionals.  This series features presentations given by nationally-recognized experts at Fenway’s annual Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference and covers topics critical to the foundation of quality care for the transgender community, and and will provide free continuing education credits for medical professionals.

Sessions from the 2018 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference:

Behavioral Health Care Outside the Binary

PrEP and Transgender Communities: Evidence Informed Practices

The Global Trans Community Responding to HIV

What Health Care Providers Need to Know About Transgender Legal Issues

Sessions from the 2017 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference:

Gender-Affirming Surgeries with Dr. Toby R. Meltzer

This session will provide participants with a brief overview of gender-affirming surgical procedures, including preparation, recovery time, and anticipated outcomes.

Detransition and Retransition: What Do We Need to Know? with julie graham, MFT

This session will cover the topic of detransitioning and discuss the various contexts, complexities, and questions that arise for both patients and providers.

Sessions from the 2016 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference:

Assessment and Care for Transgender Clients in the Setting of Severe Mental Illness or Trauma with Dr. Alex Keuroghlian

This session will help participants assess, diagnose, and treat transgender clients with co-occurring severe mental illness or posttraumatic stress symptoms, in the context of the adverse effects of everyday discriminatory experiences.

Transgender People and HIV with Dr. Asa Radixasa-screenshot

This session will help participants understand how the HIV epidemic affects transgender people by examining the barriers to care for those newly diagnosed, specific strategies for medication adherence, and gender-affirmation strategies to improve health care experiences.

Gender Affirmative Health Care with Dr. Ruben Hopwood and Dr. Sari Resiner

This session will help participants to develop a common core of knowledge and Ruben Screen Grabunderstanding of transgender community demographics, terminology, and unique barriers to care the transgender community faces.

Cross Sex Hormone Therapy with Dr. Tim Cavanaugh

This session will help participants to identify the risks & benefits of cross sex hormone therapy, and be able to design a plan of care that incorporates established guidelines.

Surgical Gender Affirmation with Dr. Tim Cavanaugh and Dr. Ruben Hopwood

This talk will allow participants to become familiar with the variety of options available for gender affirming surgeries, and provide insight into the benefits, risks, and outcomes possible.

Primary and Preventative Care with Julie Thompson, PAJulie T Screen Grab

This session provides insight into the unique primary and long-term preventative care needs unique to transgender patients; such as cancer risks, cardiovascular risks, and sexual health needs.

Caring for Gender Non-conforming Youth in Pediatrics and Primary Care with Dr. Michelle Forcier

This session offers strategies for providers to provide inclusive, welcoming care to gender diverse children, teens, and young adults. Dr. Forcier reviews developmental models, discusses how providers can explore gender expansiveness with youth and their parents, reviews pubertal blockade options, and discusses the importance of parental support of gender nonconforming children.

Sessions from the 2015 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference:

Panel Screen Grab

Case Scenarios and Q&A

This session was filmed live during the Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference in October 2015. A panel of providers discusses several cases, listed here by the patient’s name. The Q&A session immediately followed the case discussions, and is available separately here.








Q&A Session [Video] 

Featuring: Timothy Cavanaugh, MD, Sara Eley, LICSW, Alex Gonzalez, MD, Tfawa Haynes, LICSW, Jennifer Potter, MD, Norman Spack, MD, and Ralph Vetters, MD.

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Each year, Fenway Health hosts “Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health.” The two-day event serves as a comprehensive training on the health care needs of the transgender community for health care providers, as well as members of health care teams in community health centers, safety-net organizations and student health clinics. For more information on upcoming conferences, sign up for our mailing list.