Learning Resources — HIV/STI Treatment and Prevention

PrEP and Transgender Communities: Evidence-Informed Practices

In this talk from the 2021 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health conference, Dr. Poteat reviews data on PrEP among transgender people, outlines current guidelines for PrEP use, and describes gender-affirming practices for PrEP implementation.

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HIV Treatment and Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse People

In this talk from the 2021 Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health Conference, Dr. Kevin Ard covers the basics on the recommendations for prescribing PrEP with TGD patients. Participants will discover best practices for outreach and administration of PrEP in TGD communities including the exploration of PrEP interactions with hormone treatments, and the components of incorporating PrEP into diverse clinic settings.

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HIV and Diabetes Mellitus

This 2021 fact sheet from the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center provides information for health centers to manage co-occurring diabetes and HIV, including information about the metabolic side effects of antiretroviral medications.

HIV Testing, Prevention, and Treatment for Sexual and Gender Minority People

This module reviews current methods and recommendations for HIV testing, prevention, and treatment for LGBTQIA+ people, including information on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention.

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TelePrEP: Telemedicine for HIV Prevention

This publication discusses the advantages and challenges of telePrEP, the use of telemedicine specifically for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and provides best practices for clinicians and PrEP programs.

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Telehealth and PrEP/HIV Care Outcomes

Participants of this training will learn about the current research in telehealth and PrEP/HIV care outcomes, including PrEP @ Home and considerations for the administration and management of PrEP during COVID-19. Additionally, training participants will explore the topic of PrEP program implementation in a health center setting, including best practices for systems of care and improving adherence.

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Meeting at the Crossroads of HIV & Aging

With over 50% of people living with HIV/AIDS aged 50 and older, this webinar will address the unique health conditions and social determinants of health for the increasing population of long term survivors and newly diagnosed as they grow older.

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Coordinating Hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV Treatment in Primary Care

HCV and HIV are overlapping epidemics with serious clinical implications for infected patients. Community health centers are poised to prevent and treat these viral infections by understanding the implications of comorbidity and by creating a welcoming environment for those at risk for, previously infected, or currently infected with one or both diseases. Join the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium and the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center for a webinar exploring the link between HCV and HIV, and particular considerations for community-based primary care providers. We will be joined by infectious disease specialists Dr. Kevin Ard and nurse practitioner Maggie Beiser, Director of HCV Services at Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, who will share expertise and cases that demonstrate best practices for preventing and/or treating co-infection.

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HIV and Diabetes

This webinar, intended for our clinical audience, will explore best practices for the management of co-occurring HIV and diabetes. Drs. Janet Lo and Kevin Ard will present cases highlighting the risk of developing diabetes among patients with HIV. Participants of this webinar will learn about the metabolic side effects of antiretroviral medications and discuss drug interactions between anti-diabetic and antiretroviral medications.

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PrEP Care for Patients Experiencing Homelessness

In this national, panel-style webinar, participants will learn about promising and best practices for PrEP programming for patients experiencing homelessness. Panelists, including a medical provider, an administrator, and a nurse, will discuss barriers to care, ideas for creating welcoming and affirming environments, and strategies for PrEP navigation for people experiencing homelessness.

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