PrEP Action Kit


PrEP Action Kit

Each year, approximately 40,000 people are diagnosed with HIV infection in the United States, and many others are at risk. There is a new opportunity to prevent HIV by offering pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to people with a high risk of infection. PrEP is a biomedical intervention consisting of a daily, oral medication to prevent HIV acquisition; it is more than 90% effective if take regularly.

This PrEP Action Kit includes clinical resources. It consists of:

  1. Tips on taking a comprehensive sexual history
  2. Frequently asked questions about PrEP
  3. A pocket card for PrEP prescribing and monitoring
  4. Information on PrEP use in special populations, such as pregnant people and adolescents
  5. Resources to make clinical environments more welcoming to LGBT people, since the HIV epidemic is more prevalent in some LGBT populations

To view the following inserts, please download the PDFs below:

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