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New Report Addresses Health Disparities Faced By LGBTQ Youth Of Color

LGBTQ youth of color experience disproportionate challenges to their physical and mental health, according to an extensive survey released by The Fenway Institute. The Our Health Matters study is the result of partnership of Fenway, BAGLY Inc., and Boston GLASS aimed at examining and addressing the health needs of LGBTQ youth of color in the Greater Boston area. Our Health Matters was authored by a group of dedicated researchers and experts in their fields: Dr. Kerith Conron, Research Scientist at The Fenway Institute; Johannes Wilson, Study Coordinator; Dr. Sean Cahill, Director of Health Policy Research at The Fenway Institute; Jessica Flaherty, Director of Programs at BAGLY; Mio Tamanaha, Director of Youth Services for JRI Health at Boston GLASS; and Dr. Judith Bradford, Director of the Center for Population Research in LGBT Health and Co-Chair of The Fenway Institute.

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